This I Believe

Orian - Roselle Park, New Jersey
Entered on June 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Bearing the Soul

I believe in passion, or the pursuit of instinctive expression. I believe in confessions all men, women, and children long to unboundedly vocalize. Passion builds civilizations, animating our visions into reality by the perpetuating sparks of inspiration. Always, I surrender myself to this pursuit of identity and truth to guide my actions. I measure the worth of experience by the emotion incited, despite how impractical the means of execution may have been.

“Why did you waste the last twenty minutes photographing that tree?” my friend once inquired. I asked him to reconsider his statement. How much did he truly know about that cherry tree anyway? I did not make that journey into the unknown for art so much as to understand a new perspective, though art itself encompasses an extension of passion. After all, beneath the façade of his bland tree existed a brilliant jungle of insect life and complex leaf structures. Like the case of this unrecognized yet dynamic organism, an impulse ignored and unexplored never brings the adventurer to discovery.

The pursuit of passion embraces direct communication, from the inner mind and heart to an object of focus, be it a photograph, a poem, or a musical composition. It is in this mode of discourse that I best align my intentions with expression. As a sweet Russian sonnet may lose the beauty of lyrical nuance when translated, so too does the frenzy of conversion impact expression. I, the artist, in the name of passion, struggle to translate the complexities of a wordless emotional language into a striking visual composition, a syntactic beauty, or a sound of great timbre.

How I approach life and the intellectual endeavors that compose it may seem unworthy of the effort to most. “Oh, why bother writing poetry and frolicking in the forest and meadows when you could get real work done?” Well, sure, I could stop caring, but I would also have to change my name to Mister Smith, first name Mister. Otherwise, I will continue to ride ceaselessly into the tremulous waters of inquiry for I wish to understand all. This is what I do, this is who I am. In the end, after a lifetime of pursuits in face of the challenges to come, I will find myself unscathed for I know I will have ridden on a vessel of impregnable truth built upon my undying belief for expression.