This I Believe

Johana - Los Angeles, Ca 90006, California
Entered on June 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

A Step Closer To Entrepreneurship

There are many ways of helping the community such as entrepreneurship, tutoring and teaching. These activities can make a big impact for everybody. There are experiences that made me develop what I believe. There should be more people in the world to pay attention to little children, as well as teenagers and show that life has a bad and good side.

I started to volunteer as a way to let everyone see what an entrepreneur can do. Working with elementary school children is a way to challenge myself and help others. I help them with their reading and their math skills. I explain why teachers give them homework and why they get punished. I behave as a role model to show students how to act at home, at school, and out in public. I want to see them gain confidence, be able to take challenges, and show what they can do. After volunteering at many different schools and influencing students to do better, I decided to apply for A World Fit For Kids! I wanted a job that lets me volunteer, help children and give them a reason to be a thriving generation. Therefore, I became an assistant coach. One student, named Alan has change immensely. He was an uncontrollable student that had no respect for anyone. I was able to talk to him and learned the main reason why he acted the way he did. I was able to calm him down and provide him with the help that he needed.

Other ways that I help are by being a tutor during school instead of going home early. I am a tutor for an AVID class that focuses not only in college area, but also influences students to do better and challenges themselves to take advance classes. I talk to them about my experience and how hard I have worked and how it pays off at the very end. This is the way I show my contribution to my community, by giving my undivided attention to the kids and by helping the students do their homework. I help them improve by giving them the challenging skills they need. Students can grow to be better people and maybe some day they can become and entrepreneur who would devote their time to future generations as I do.

I am only one person, but being out spoken will influence others and help make changes in society. Doing community service has shown me the good side of life. Providing help to students in their childhood years can have a greater impact for what on their future. I believe that people can change that world little by little and can make an impact in the lives of future generations.