The Beauty of Ageing

Elaine - Berkshire SL6 4JU, United Kingdom
Entered on June 14, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I woke up on my 59th birthday giving thanks for yet another day of life. I had never felt better or more alive. I no longer take my days for granted ever since I learnt that appreciating everything and every person sent to accompany me on my journey was a very satisfying way to live. Even more magical, the more I give thanks the more I seem to have to be grateful for.

I had a brief historical flashback of all the significant points in my journey which had brought me to being 59, especially all the achievements and pioneering activities I had done. I marveled at it all. I try not to dwell on past negativities because they do not resolve anything, neither do they help my future because they are already gone and I am still here; still able to change my actions if I wish, to reach for the skies and beyond. I thought of all the women like me, in their fifties or forties, who hate being older, who refuse to mention their age when asked, who physically dread the aging process, who spend their days not being grateful for life, but cursing their age, watching their wrinkles, and counting them grudgingly, getting even more lines as they watch; women who dread to see their face and bodies in the mirror.

My heart went out to them because a long time ago I used to be like that. Then I gradually learnt that dead people don’t age! If I am aging, I must be ALIVE, thank goodness! I wished at that moment I could share some of the awesome self-love that I feel with them, the way I accept my age completely and do not even bother to think about it. In fact, I cannot wait to be 60 next year because I know I will look and feel exactly the same.

I must be one of the few women, or perhaps even the only one in the world who keeps looking forward to each birthday, being completely unfazed by age. I think about my age only in relation to using it as an encouragement and inspiration to others. I know I do not care anymore about aging itself, and the strangest thing is that I am looking better with each birthday. I have switched the focus from getting older to how fabulous I can be as I age, and what an empowerment that is turning out to be. One would have thought I had actually become a year younger!