This I Believe

Elaine - Maidenhead SL6 4JU, United Kingdom
Entered on June 14, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

My 5 Magical Ingredients for getting what I want

I believe that I can have anything I want in my life if I have five simple attributes, what I call my ‘magical ingredients’:

?1. The self-belief that I can make it happen.?2. The faith in my abilities, and a higher power, to carry it out. ?3. The action and effort to bring it to fruition.?4. The willingness to pay the price in focus and commitment ?5. The COURAGE and patience to see it through.

There is nothing so great about my suggestion. It is the power of thought and belief that has built our world. When I use my computer I am writing on someone else’s thought which they brought into being through their belief. When I use a microwave, I use someone else’s thought, the direct manifestation of their faith in what is possible. When I drive my car I am enjoying Henry Ford’s thought and experimentation for my comfort and journey. Every time I turn on the electric light we take for granted I am using Thomas Edison’s thought and the personal courage and determination that took him 10,000 attempts and a massive leap of faith to get it working. And as you read any of my books you are sharing my thought and creation, the end result and confirmation of a deep faith and belief that I could actually write a book for public consumption, take action on it and find the courage and determination to bring it to life! I simply asked, believed in it, took action, and it was given.

I have found self-belief and faith to be two powerful tools in getting me what I require, but I appreciate that without the action to bring it to life, and the courage and commitment to stick with it, I will always remain a dreamer. Self-belief and faith are also governed by my past experience. If I have not done very well in my own eyes, or have not achieved the success I have sought, both of those ingredients will gradually diminish and I am likely to brand myself a ‘failure’ and hide behind my fears. If that happens, sooner or later, I will dread trying and experimenting with anything new because I fear having to face the consequences of any action which fail to come up to expectations. I have accepted that the only way to deal with those consequences is to keep trying in order to get more of the results I desire.