This I Believe

Alisa - Germantown, Maryland
Entered on June 13, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe Timing has a purpose…..

“There is a silver dollar size tumor on the left lung.” As the words rolled from the physician’s lips to our ears, I studied the worried faces of both my parents today. Incredible. Not for the impending diagnosis given routinely to so many, but for the fact that we just buried my best friend’s husband two weeks ago. In the prior seven months, her husband received the news that his chest x-ray showed a tumor. Coincidentally, my father had a chest x-ray at the same time and his showed nothing. Now, it is three days short of Father’s Day, and as her children cope with the loss of their father, I must cope with the reality that I am about to lose mine. Thirty years separate me from her youngest child and yet today, we are the same age. I believe there is a unique and purposeful timing in the events that fulfill one’s life. Happy or sad, large or small, noticed or unnoticed.

As I ponder how to embrace the next several months, I am reminded of the dress rehearsal for those that just passed. Coordinating meals for the family, attending doctor’s visits, supporting the children, crying at odd moments and laughing at others, writing an obituary, yearning for sleep and resting in peace. Whatever label it bears–God, the Universe, Fate…it lives and breathes in the daily momentum of our lives and it presents itself at those moments when we often feel the least able to greet it. But greet it I must, whether I want to or not. Timing has a purpose. I am prepared for what awaits me. Once again, the future has been joined with the past and steers the present.

Earlier in the year, I bought a new townhouse with an extra room so that my parents would have a comfortable place for when they visit annually. It will now become my mother’s room to stay. In two weeks, we will drive three hours for the surprise 50th wedding anniversary party my siblings and I planned for the past year. We thought it would be a fitting golden gift for our parents to have all of their children, grandchildren, family and friends, gather to celebrate their life and come together again to honor the love and friendship they have given to so many. It will be a family reunion and a great party. On the heels of the news, my father will be able to enjoy it before the disease or the treatment takes its toll. Indeed, timing has a purpose.