This I Believe

Jeni - palatine, Illinois
Entered on June 13, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe we ALL get to choose what we believe. A friend once told me that “singularity” is an old physicists term used to express the idea that all matter, energy, etc. was in one “place”, occupying zero space, at a particular instant in time. He explained that in the beginning, astronomically, ALL “came” from a “single” source and since “time” and “space” and therefore matter, are mental constructs, they do not “exist” in actuality. “Energy” however, actually exists and since NOTHING ever came from “singularity”, “Energy” is the ONLY “thing” that has/does/will exist.

Because “Energy” might also be called “the mind of God” and might also be called “Love’s” imagination continually and continuously dreaming as in day-dreaming, creating and extending, it could well be that characters could “perceive themselves” without an awareness that they were ever a part of “someone”.

For many years, I pondered this concept and

have come to appreciate the practical difficulty of accepting that “Love/God” reacts to our hopes and wishes because it is often in ways that are seemingly unpredictable and/or irrational to “us”. However, experience has shown me that “Love/God” reacts to our BELIEFS quite predictably and ONLY when the discipline is practiced of observing and carefully matching up perceptions with interpretations can we decide for ourselves which is in need of correction. In any event, we ALL get to choose, wisely or not.