This I Believe

Ivette - El Motne, California
Entered on June 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in never giving up. Throughout the years I have had tendencies to start something and never finishing it. This year has been full off up and downs that I’ve thought about giving up millions of time. Recently, I have accomplished many things that I am very proud of, but also there are those times of thinking about bad ideas that I know they will haunt me. Senior year has been a drag but I hope that in the end I knew I didn’t give up. As the year went on, I sometimes cried myself to sleep knowing I was not going make it. I also couldn’t concentrate at work or even at school. I hurt the most loved people in my life, including myself. Even though it seemed I was having the time of my life, and I had a big smile on my face, I was frustrated most of the time at myself and what I haven’t accomplished. School seemed to ruin my life and my graduation ahead of me. Nobody seemed to try to help me, I thought. In my family, everyone expected for me to graduate, they were buying graduation gifts and everything and I felt really bad knowing I was the only one that was not going to graduate. Some of my friends didn’t even realize that I was going through rough times, or even my co-workers. People were asking me why I didn’t go to dances or after school events and I would respond that I didn’t care of I didn’t know. Even my boyfriend noticed I didn’t spend much time at his baseball games. I was trying to catch up to my school work and it was really hard. I’ve given up many times, especially at simple stuff like trying to solve a math problem or trying to open a jar of pickles. But I have never give up so much like I have this year. In the middle of senior year I failed myself and I completely collapsed. I really wanted to drop out of school. I also let my boyfriend go for various reasons. I hurt myself. But throughout the days I started to realize that I do not want to go through life knowing I had given up on myself. I wanted to know inside me that I did it. So without a doubt, I worked my butt off. I stopped complaining and just got to work. Nobody really noticed it but I know I did. I was beginning to be proud of myself and I know say I can tried my best in my senior year in school-wise.