This I Believe

Arii - perth, Australia
Entered on June 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

15, Female, growing up, mood Swings, Maturity, Parents, Friends, Boyfriends, Problems, Possabilities, Education, Home, Love, i sometimes wonder how long is this list of expectations and so called “Must do’s” goes on for? strickt Rules and guide lines to be everything that i dont want too be. Looking forward and hoping for the best.

ive always been told to never hold back and jump in with both feet, Let nothing stand in my way. I believe that this is so very true, but with all these needs wants and demands i dont have time to be the person i wish 2 be, to grow up and live the life i wont to live, to grow old and look back on the life i wanted to live.

but i sometimes feel that this will be hard because society as we know it infuences the way people think. i hate being the only 1 willing to stand up straight, stand tall and stand different in front of a croud. i do not wish too follow suit and be something the world wants me to be.

Being told my whole life to do this to do that and to not fault anyone but myself. but i Believe threw it all i will be the person in society who is different, who is louder than the sheep standing next to her i am me and this i believe.