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Anup - Austin, Texas
Entered on June 13, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
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My Response to:

A Marriage That’s Good Enough

by Corinne C–


She says “she doubts she could be happier”, in other words, she is not saying all this with conviction.

Since he is a provider, and not a friend, it is merely a symbiosis – he gets cleaned toilets and kids fed and she gets a house and shopping perks. He does not chase women because he just does not have the capability to catch any, do not give him too much credit on that. I say to Corinne – He chose to marry you when he was driven by his testesterone, when any man would have slept with you, and now your body does nothing for any man that knows you not, and so it is the same for him.

You have lowered your expectations Corinne because you were at the time of marriage too immature to look beyond his motorcycle or deep pockets, you were shallow then, and shallow now for trying to convince yourself by trying to convince the world that this is a great expectation – to make acceptance of unhappiness a definition of contentment.

Yes, you would be happier if you ate healthier and did yoga. Check out the stats on that. How would you know unless you have been there and done that? Not by putting your doubts in writing and shipping it to the world and get some subservient women to come back with an applause.

One is unhappy Corinne not because they are asking for more, but because they expect what should be. You have eluded as some facts like – when your husband comes home and what he does when at home, what he does on weekends. There is an incomplete story here, so the facts won’t seem as bad as they are. What distracts him to not have the time for you? Sports? TV? Ice cream? hu? hu? hu? Do tell.

“He is a caring father” – good for his own flesh and blood, even pigs and donkeys care for their own flesh and blood. It is nothing to be overly excited about.

You ended it right, “it is good enough”, meaning, not good.

Not a wonder that she is from Ohio. Men drink beer and watch sports, and go to Church.