This I Believe

Steven - Sierra Vista, Arizona
Entered on June 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe Essay:

See No Evil

I believe that everyone in this world has a good heart. All the turmoil that clouds society today can all disappear if we just accept each other for who we are. Someone who acts different or talks different is special in their own way. Why should we discriminate against them for something they can not change? I am blind when it comes to friends. Those who are blind may be blessed with words and those who are deaf may be blessed with sight. Why should we choose our friends just by their appearance or their physical abilities? A child’s eyes see no differences; only a friend.

My second grade year of elementary school was filled with new and interesting people. I was shy and afraid to talk to other children in my class. Over time I learned to talk when I needed and stay silent the rest of the time.

After a few weeks into the school year, our class received a new student whose name was Joey. Joey carried a stick that he moved across the floor. I wondered what the stick could be for. Maybe he was an avid hiker or maybe he just could not be separated from his precious stick. He sat down a few seats away from me and continued to stare still confused and curious. My teacher bent down beside me and told me that Joey was blind, so I would need to help him with some of his daily work. I had never seen a blind person before and it intrigued me.

Joey and I soon became good friends. I escorted him to the bathroom, walked him to the bus, and played with him at recess. Many of my other classmates ignored him like he was not there, to busy playing dodge ball or four square, but I did not. Joey taught me to read a little brail so I could follow along in his books. Who knew that I would become friends with a blind kid? He was no different from everyone else, Joey was not just a blind kid to me, he was my friend.

Much time passed and my friends began to change every year. Middle School and High School whizzed by in a flash and before I new what hit me, the public school days were over. I would see Joey pass by me in the hall from time to time. I never said one word to him, wondering if he knew his old friend had just walked by. I have changed so much over the years and I pick my friends differently. I tell myself that I have opened my eyes to my real friends, but what I have really done is shut out those who matter most. I see now that everyone has a good heart; you just have to take the time to realize it.