This I Believe

C - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 12, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Everyday is full of running from class to class and trying to get all of my work done. It’s amazing how short a day feels over the weekend and how never ending it is at school. What I have found to release the most amount stress is to take a break from work and create something of my own. I believe creativity is the best outlet for therapy and in the end, makes me happier than almost anything.

The hum of the sewing machine calms my nerves while I hold my breath to see if the stitches have come out right. After adding something new to my creation, my heart pounds with excitement at the idea of giving it to my best friend. She will love it, I am sure, and I smile as I imagine her reaction to my hand-made gift. My mom taught me how to work this machine and her excitement only adds to mine. Her mother taught her how to use a sewing machine and it has proven to be a valuable lesson. Recently, my sister got married and the gown my mother made for herself was more beautiful than any dress I have ever seen. Though I am not making a gown for my best friend, I am making her a shawl that, hopefully, she will rap herself in every day and remember the enormous amount of love that went into to making this garment.

So often I sit in class while my heart is weighed down by the thought of the number of hours until I am home and able to work on my project. Many mornings I stumble into school barely awake, due to staying up sewing well past my bed time. But I always find that it is worth it. The satisfaction of finishing a project far surpasses fatigue.

PLenty of frustration has been produced by that machine but lots of happiness has as well. The realization that your hem skipped some fabric when you thought you were done is ever so irritating, but the sigh of contentment after burying the last loose thread overrides all the aggravation. I believe that sewing and creating is more therapeutic than watching T.V. or playing games. It lets me unwind from a hard day while producing one of the most wonderful gifts: a material item wrapped in the strongest love.