This I Believe

Serena - El Monte, California
Entered on June 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

I believe in forgiveness. People make mistakes not because they want to. Mistakes happen because people are not made perfect so to expect perfection is futile. This is why forgiveness plays such an important role when dealing with people. People deserve a second chance to redeem themselves and correct their actions. Once they have accomplished this, they should be forgiven for whatever mistake or mistakes they have committed in the past. People are still learning how to be people and are bound to stumble along the way. It is whether they receive mercy for their actions that helps determine if they are alleviated of guilt or to carry that burden for a long, long time and forever repent for those actions taken. To forgive is not simply to say a person is instantly absolved and free to do as they wish, including repeating the same mistake after being pardoned the first time. It is rather saying that one accepts a person’s apologies and wants the person to learn from the experience, not just forget about it assuming that one will completely forget about it as well. It is true that it may be difficult to overlook and pardon horrible experiences such as thievery but one must still consider why the thief acted in such a way and if there is an underlying reason that led them to think they had no other choice but to resort to such low, desperate actions. There is a difference between thieves who steal to save themselves and thieves who steal to save loved ones from a dishearteningly desperate situation. That is not to say that stealing for loved ones justifies a person’s actions, but it does show that they did not act out of malice and did not wish for it to come to such conclusions. To forgive is also to have a clear understanding of another’s intentions and to realize their side or point of view of the situation. I believe in forgiveness because by doing so, one can assist another to become a better person since one allows the person to make up for their shortcomings.