An unexpected ending

Brandon - Redmond, Washington
Entered on June 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe that trying to accomplish your dreams will put you somewhere you want to be, even if it isn’t where you thought you would be.

Seven or so year’s back, I had no intention to become a martial artist. I was only concerned about what was going on with my favorite television show and how much homework my teacher had given me. In the back of my mind, I had always wondered, what if I was the world’s best martial artist, but I had never actually bothered to do anything about it.

My friend Ray had been doing martial arts at the time, and on his birthday, decided to bring me to one of his martial arts classes. I was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait to impress everyone with what I thought was my amazing martial arts skills. Turns out I never actually got to do any martial arts that day, but I observed the class, starting with stretches, then moving on to technique work. When I got home, I told my mom I wanted to do martial arts, thinking that I was the best or could become the best.

My first actual class was very different from what I had thought it would be. I started off with the rest of the class, doing warm ups and stretches. After that, I was pulled aside to do beginning techniques, away from the rest of the class. But, at the end of the class, the instructor started talking about the word of the week. The word of the week is a skill in life that will benefit you, such as honesty and respect. This startled me, because I thought was that I was going to be learning how to punch and kick through boards and flip through the air like Jet-Li.

But as time progressed, my knowledge with martial arts increased, leading to an invitation into a performance team and a leadership team. Both of these were very important to me. The leadership team assisted the lead instructor with the classes, demonstrating techniques and helping students one on one.

Now, after all these years of training, I have become a martial arts instructor, working part time at the martial arts studio. Martial Arts has made me more comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, and has given me valuable life lessons through the word of the week. Sure I’m not the world’s best martial artist, nor am I even close to being so. But wanting to become the best has gotten me to a place I would not have dreamed otherwise, having a job doing something I love doing, teaching and studying martial arts.

This I believe.