This I Believe

Sheila - Cornish, New Hampshire
Entered on June 11, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50


I was recently asked if I was married and if so, how long. I told he I have been married for 31 years. She was sruprised and said “what is the secret to a long marriage?” I quickly responded without really thinking. No secrets, well maybe a few. Don’t spend too much time together.Then later I really thought about what I believe.

I believe there is no one answer, I believe there are an infinite number of answers. It made me take pause and an inventory of my beliefs on this special realtionship.

I believe in respect. Treat him with the same respect you would a person you think of as so called inportance. I believe in saying please and thank you. I believe in saying excuse me and your welcome. I believe in saying and doing the little things. Telling him he looks good in that shirt, telling him I missed him today.U believe when you go to get yourself a drink form the kitchen, asking if he needs anything while I’m up.

I believe in ding and saying these things with all my heart.I believe thi is true love and genuine respect.

I believe in having fun. I believe in being playful. I believe in not taking myself nor evey situation, too seriously. I believe in taking time for myself and with each other.

Look at the stars, take a walk, go for a ride to get an ice cream together. I believe in saying, I love you alot.

I believe in saying please and thank you and meaning it. I believe it’s no secret.