This I Believe

kylene - Corvallis, Oregon
Entered on June 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

No Such Thing As Luck

I believe that we are shaped by the people we meet, the things we touch, and the places we go. I believe that we are what we make ourselves. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that every broken heart, every scrape of our knees, and every loss, makes up the people we become. If you think about it, every person we meet in our lives impacts us in some way, whether we notice it or not. My grandfather teaches me to be patient, and to work hard. My mom reminds me to care about others, and to stand up for what I believe in. My best friend shows me how to listen, really listen; the kind of selfless listening, that lets someone else know you are there for them. The man I bumped into the other day, reminds me to always be courteous. My teachers encourage me to expand my horizons. The homeless woman on the corner reminds me to give to others. Whether we love someone, or hate them, the time we spend with them will always be worth while, because the things they say and do and the way we respond to them, is something that changes who we are. It is the same with every experience, the good and the bad. People spend too much time searching for who they really are. In reality, it’s pretty simple. How can we know exactly who we are if we learn and grow from every experience? Maybe that is one of those things that comes with time.

But maybe it is something bigger than that. Some people choose to believe that life is just coincidence, that we are simply here because we are here, and that we are no more than survivors. But it can’t be just coincidence. We are all in the right place at the right time, because we are supposed to be. That is when miracles happen. At the same time, however, I believe that things don’t happen for a reason. Maybe the promotion I didn’t get is because there will be a better job down the line. Or maybe my boyfriend broke up with me, because I’m meant to be with someone else. Maybe our loved ones die, because our memories of them make us stronger. Life is about finding ourselves, and the way we live it is the way we do that. I believe what I believe because it gives me hope. It makes me have faith in where I’m going, because it all happens to shape the person I become. Believing this means trusting that things will work themselves out. My dad always used to tell me that there is no point in worrying in life, because we can’t always do anything about it. “Only worry about the things you can change,” he told me. I think he is right. Truly living means more than surviving the time we have been given, it means making the most of it, and learning every step of the way. It means having a destiny, and having faith in the fact that we will be all right in the end. Life is no series of coincidences; it is a series of occurrences, each one shaping the wrinkles on our faces, the scars on our hands, and the beat of our hearts. This, I believe.