This I Believe

Amanda - Bartlett, Tennessee
Entered on June 11, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

One swift sweeping motion across raw and barren ground!

Ahh! Oppressive doors open to cold no more, freed by that thunderous sound.

Pitter. Patter. Giddy laughter totters after one tempting peek.

Holding steady. Good and ready till bewildered by that cursed global bipolar streak.

Swank tees fouled dank in forlorn.

Man in suit, point made astute wore his tie crooked to forewarn.

Beetles thumping, their rhythm buzzing while dancing under urban streetlights.

Box fans blowing. Swine with black gold rolling in greed brought on by these sultry nights.

Fists pounding! Knuckles bleeding in hopes to soften dirt.

Fires mounding! Fruits deceiving! Souls hardened by that unforgiving flirt!

Crueler than just a bummer, this I believe is summer and a hot one to rot in for sure.

Brings me down on my knees! Beggin’ the Man upstairs “Please!” for a forgotten taste of winter’s allure.