This I Believe

Christie - Burke, Virginia
Entered on June 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe; Ignorance Is Bliss

I’ve been exposed to the harshest of ignorance in the lifestyle I live. I have been in an interracial relationship for over two years now. My boyfriend and I are from just outside Washington, D.C, a very diverse area, and one would think that an interracial couple isn’t an odd thing to see, but to some, it is. We choose to ignore the disgusted stares and the whispers of utter disapproval.

I’m a Catholic Italian girl and my boyfriend is African American. Why can’t people see that we’re in love? To me, many people in this country still view the world in black and white, literally. A White person should marry a White person and an African American person should marry an African American person. Who are YOU to say who should be with who? I feel bad for those who can’t experience the world from someone else’s point of view

It must be nice to be ignorant, to be so unaware of the differences in this world. People have blinders on and see only want they want to see and detest and criticize those differences that seem to sneak under those blinders and into their field of vision.

I’ve found myself in heated debates about my relationship, trying to justify myself and my love. But I stop and ask myself, “Why do you care what this person thinks?”, “why are you wasting your time?” All that matters is my happiness and I am happy, no justification needed. I said that ignorance is a harsh reality and that was what I saw when I became involved in this relationship. I started to see the world in a totally different light, and it was as though the world now viewed me differently, too. No matter where you live and where you go ignorance is there. People may not ever understand me, but nor should they try to. Don’t worry about me and what I do, keep your stares and whispers to yourself. This is my life and it’s up to me in how I live it.

I’m not ignorant to ignorance; I know first hand that it does exist in this world. I’ve come to understand and believe that ignorance is bliss. I’m not you, nor do I choose to be like you. I am who I am and love who I love. Who are you to judge me?