This I Believe

Michelle - San Jose, California
Entered on June 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe….

This, I believe…better yet, this I know to be true…child trafficking is becoming a bigger “issue” each and every year in China. Now I say “issue” because really, it is more than an issue, it is a disease. A disease that, over the past twenty years, has befallen upon more than ten thousand families in China alone. A disease that claims the lives of the one thousand Chinese babies that are bought and sold each year. A disease that is on the rise. This disease, I believe, must be stopped.

Here in America, we have almost an endless supply of rights (much of which are taken for granted), and we are lucky to be able to live in a democracy, in the “land of the free”. And although most countries are protected under the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights), the human rights of children continue to be violated. In China things are obviously different, it is in a communist state. And in a country with more than one billion people, there is a fight to live, a fight for food, money, and even more importantly, a fight for space.

Adopted in 2002, The Law on Population and Family Planning, enforced strict, and sometimes vicious, policies on the lives of the Chinese people. The law prohibits the birth of a second child to one couple which is a criminal act followed by fines, prohibits sex determination and sex selective abortions, and creates a scheme to reward parents who have only one child. Parents who have lost a child or wish to have more than one child are often lured in by child traffickers to buy another at as much as three and a half thousand dollars. People who cannot afford to make a living are also often lured into selling their child to these traffickers. All of this, although helping to regulate the Chinese population, is merely adding to the problem of child trafficking.

It is also not enough to say that “yes it is a problem” because that is just as obvious as what is happening in Darfur. The “issue” has now been spotlighted, it is up to us to do something about it? Now, you may ask “Why?” the fact that little kids in China have nothing to do with you is irrelevant, because it is also false. Child trafficking is not just happening in China, it is happening in Ethiopia, Benin, Italy, and even in America. I know I would not want anyone I knew, or any of my fellow citizens to fall victims to this deadly disease.

The problem: child trafficking. The solution: stricter punishment on child traffickers and money to help alleviate the poverty which is ultimately the problem behind it all.