This I Believe

Lucas - Getzville, New York
Entered on June 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Since the time we are children, we are taught to plan. Plan for our future, plan for our families; plan for what we’re going to have for lunch tomorrow. We are taught throughout school that the whole reason of our education is to plan and prepare for the life we will lead after school. As a result of our paranoia with being unprepared, we often miss out on the world right in front of our faces. That is why I believe that life shouldn’t be about where we will be tomorrow, next week, or in ten years; life’s about right now.

As a junior in high school, I often hear the adults around me reminiscing about their own high school times, usually ending with “the best times of my life.” However lately, as I’ve gotten older and my generation is starting to take shape, I know that many of the people around me won’t be able to say that they’ve enjoyed high school or maybe even their whole life to it’s fullest.

Another “benefit” of being a junior in high school is that I get to witness first hand the chaos that takes place when looking for colleges, and the SAT scores and class rank mayhem that soon follows. As I look around at my classmates, I watch them spend hours studying, spend weekends worrying, and some of the “best times of their lives” not living, but instead, preparing. Prepairing for what though? So they can get into a good college, to prepare them for the real world. So then they can get a good job to prepare them for retirement. So then they can retire early, and prepare them to die. Where I ask you, does that allow you to enjoy your life?

I’ve asked myself that question before when I see the world around, and consider myself lucky for having realized this so early in my life. I know that when I move on out of college in to the real world and some day into retirement that I will have lived a good life. Nope, no mid-life, “What have I done with my life?” crisis for me. I’m living life for what it is right now, and having “the best time of my life,” this I believe.