A Summer Breeze

Joanna - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Today as I sit writing this This I Believe I struggle to understand what makes me happy. Wanting to write a positive This I Believe, I can come up with nothing but today’s frustrating incidences which would cause me to ramble on about how nothing ever really matters and lash out at how unfair the world is. Ahh… the sound of teenage angst.

As I sit here putting together a list of random events which seem noteworthy to write about, I pause, distract myself, and think about the coming summer vacation, the coming weekends, the coming sleep! Daydreaming, I listen to the splash of the garden hose and the chipper, yes chipper, sound of baby birds who are nested between the siding boards of my house. And now I glance at my mom, smile and say, “Summer’s almost here…” I’m glad to notice that at 8:23 PM it’s still light outside.

Because summer gives me a feeling of contentment. It makes me happy. I love nature (well, all but the coming cicadas) and I enjoy listening to the summer…the ice cream truck playing, “Pop Goes the Weasel,” the grating of roller blades on rough asphalt, and children shrieking, “Tag you’re it!” are all healing sounds.

I think that summer is an amazing season and it is full of opportunity. Thinking that I get two whole months during which I can understand myself and practice the hobbies I love, I begin to smile. I can’t wait until I can sleep in, stay out, and generally do whatever my heart desires! I look forward to the summer blockbusters, summer loves, summer road trips, summer SPF, summer suits, and sunglasses…

Mid June to September I am free to explore. During this time I probably gain more knowledge about myself, my family and friends and the world I live in than I could ever learn during the 10 months of school. I believe that summer helps me relax, love those around me, and appreciate the simple beauty of our world.