This I Believe

Bethany - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope, sports

I believe that hope springs eternal. We might not have the ability to make things happen, but we can hope. Hope is always there is used in a way to make us believe and keep believing. Hope can last and last until a dream is finally reached. I never really realized that until I became a Chicago Cubs fanatic.

The Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908. That is a heck of a long time. People who experienced that win probably aren’t even living anymore. One might assume that the Cubs have no fans whatsoever and probably just stink. Well you know what? You assumed wrong. I have been a Cubs fan all my life, but in 2003 I became an actual fanatic and that was because of the 2003 playoffs. I watched game after game with my family and friends wishing and hoping for a win. As I was watching I could feel the game around me. I could hear the buzz of the crowd, hear the crack of the bat and the catch of the ball, and see the green of the ivy. Even though I wasn’t there I felt it as I watched each game. The Cubs eventually lost to the Marlins in the playoffs and did not make it to the World Series. I was in shock, as well as heart broken. After this I didn’t think twice about the loss, I anticipated the following season hoping for another chance. Year after year it was another heart breaking loss, but I just kept with it. I finally realized that I am one of them. A hopeful Cubs fan. Cubs fans hope and hope and hope. They never stop, and they haven’t since 1908. How can someone stick with something so long and have such a passion for it, but all they receive from those years of hoping is failure, awe, and heart break. I really don’t know, but somehow I have been able to do it, and so has my father and his father and his father. Cubs fans never give up hope, even in the worst of times.

The reason there are Cubs fans is because of hope. Hope is what gets us through all the tough games and the bad plays. But it is revived over and over again through strikes, hits, amazing catches, homeruns, singles, doubles, triples, outs, triple plays, double plays, leaps, wins, wins and more wins. Sure, I sometimes feel that the losses overpower the wins, but who cares! There is always a second chance (actually 99 chances for us!) And a Cubs fan always knows the saying “There’s always next year”. Hope is forever. This I believe.