This I Believe

Curtis - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Entered on June 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
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Christianity is always a matter, ultimately, of faith.

The evidence is there, but faith in Christ is something that a person either does or does not receive.

I think a prerequisite for a thinking person, might be to believe in objective truth, but many people today don’t.

A person’s thinking must not be very clear if he believes that, for instance, Buddhism and Christianity could *both* be true.

Buddhism teaches that *everything* is God.

Christianity teaches that God exists independently of His creation.

I personally believe that the truth is knowable, to a large introductory degree–the framework or basic nature of reality can be known.

I also believe that a certain fallen angelic being, a.k.a. The Father of Lies, would like us all to believe that no such certainty is possible.

I strongly believe that a belief in objective truth is a great place to start.

Then you can begin eliminating false ideas and religions, and hopefully, find the truth.

“Seek and you will find.”

For me, logically (and I have other experiences and intuitions that tell me) I believe that there are only maybe five basic explanations for the cosmos:

1) God created the cosmos.

2) Evolution (God by another name?) created the cosmos.

3) The cosmos is a self-existing mystery. (seems kinda dumb, but ok.)

4) The cosmos IS God. (But doesn’t even the idea that God is outside and in addition to creation seem stronger than this “possibility”?)

5) The cosmos doesn’t really exist, and we aren’t really here. It’s all an illusion. (Isn’t this also known as “insanity”?)


I am curious how you could imagine any absolute truths without God?

From what would the absolute truth derive its absoluteness?

What would be it’s source?


Actually, the more I thought about it, I feel it would be very difficult to make up a religion based on historical fact and philosophy.

When I first read what you wrote, I thought, right, that’s a really good point.

Now I’m thinking, no, not a good point.

The problem with it, is that, if you try to do it, you end up with something like Islam or Mormonism.

Both of these faiths can be shown to be false by internal and external evidence.

It’s not even a challenge.

Can you do it?

Seriously, imagine a religion based on history and philosophy and write a paragraph describing it.

I think we could both tear it apart, logically and factually, in about two minutes.

I’ve often wondered why God put all those books in the Bible.

I’m now convinced that part of the reason is historical verifiability.

The Judeo-Christian tradition is so deeply embroidered into history that you could never get it out.




fulfilled Old Testament Messianic prophecy,

people groups,



architecture still standing,

logic and philosophy,

spiritual experiences and intuition,

emotional longing for God and His comfort, relief, healing, and miracles when we are in extreme pain or mental anguish,

universal desire for Heaven,

ancient, still extant books written by non-Christians verifying the existence Christ and the crucifixion,

the deaths of the martyrs,

the failed attempts at destroying the Bible,


the resurrection of Christ.

Logically, I come to it this way:

1) The Creation proves God to me:

the infinite stars in the nighttime sky, (trillions of years for the light to get to us–older than the age of many of the stars (!) There is an inherent miracle here!)

the synchronization of sun and moon,

the planet Jupiter,

Saturn’s Rings,

the fragile temperature balance of Earth,

the strength and fragility of human life,

Redwood trees,

the digestive system: the Krebs cycle,


humpback whales,


the Praying Mantis,



iridescent and translucent jellyfishes,

Blue butterflies,

bald eagles,

great white sharks,

Grizzly Bears,

the human brain,

how blood courses through our veins,

the beauty of women,

the human eye,

the beauty of cumulus clouds and the light streaming through them,

the human mind and consciousness.

The awe and wonder of it all.


The Order of the Universe.

The Architectural Design present in everything everywhere.

2) There is right and wrong, good and evil.

And we all do wrong:

check any newspaper at any time.

Think of any person you have ever known.

Your own memory and conscience.

3) Death exists, and is coming for almost all of us.

4) The question of a life after death and the prospect of punishment of the Creator for our moral wrongs.

5) Jesus

arrives by virgin birth,

does miracles,

walks on water,

causes a storm to cease by speaking three words,

instantaneously heals people of all kinds of diseases,

raises people from the dead,

drives out demons,

gives blind men sight,

gives deaf men hearing,

multiplied bread and fish out of thin air,

speaks unassailable truth,

***fulfills hundreds of specific Old Testament prophecies perfectly,

rises from the dead on the third day, after being flogged, tortured, and murdered on a cross,

appears to 500 people at one time,

promises forgiveness of sins through His death on the cross

and ascends into the sky

right in front of the disciples.

Radically alters the course of World History.