Stop Torture

Grace - san jose, California
Entered on June 8, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: good & evil, war

I believe that today we live in a society where mostly everyone doesn’t know what horrible things are going on in other countries. Most people in the USA take for granted their freedom. There are millions of people who would like so much to live in the USA or even have just a little bit of freedom. We need to recognize what is happening in other countries, and do something about it.

At this very moment, in Zimbabwe, Africa, torture is going on. Many people are being put into torture training camps. In these camps women and little girls are being raped every night by the soldiers. Men, women, and children are being taught how to kill and torture others. The food is often very scarce. They are taught that their mission is to keep president Mugabe in power. The government knows what is going on inside of their country.

Are we going to be the bystanders? I believe we should to do something about this situation. I believe President Mugabe needs to be removed out of power. He is harming his people and country. Thousands, even millions of lives are being ruined forever. Some people might say , well its their problem. I am talking about other human being lives here, we can’t just sit around and let these perverse things happen to people. Something has to be done about it. I believe there needs to be a new government set up in Zimbabwe Africa. How can we let such a horrible person lead others lives to destruction?