The Beauty of Love

Allie - Ojai, California
Entered on June 7, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

I believe in the beauty and power of love. No matter the pain and the struggle in life, love is what gets us through the many trials and tribulations. Love is what makes us wake up every morning and it is what gets us through each day. This love does not have to be for another human being. Our love can be the love of a hobby or the love of the simple pleasures in life; but in the end, love is the strength inside every one of us.

I have been blessed to be surrounded my entire life by people who love me and who I love in return, whether it is my eccentric, wacky family (please know that I am seventeen years old) or my friends who have become an extension of my family. Each one of these people has taught me a lesson along the way. But, the most important lesson that each has engrained in me is that the greatest gift one can give is that of their love.

I have learned that the gift of love gift is never easy to bestow. In order to truly love another, one must take a leap of faith and put his or her complete trust in that person, hoping that this person does not take advantage.

I worry that with this love, desire, passion, faith, and hope, do we not ultimately sign up for loss- undeniable and unavoidable loss and resultant pain? That is clearly a possibility, but I believe the journey is what makes it all worthwhile. The journey is what makes us sign over our hearts, knowing that a life without love may be safe, but a life without love or loss is no life at all. A life without love is an unfulfilled life, a safe life but most likely a waste of this precious opportunity.

What does life void of love and potential loss leave to us to experience as human beings? The journey we trek can be cruel and unforgiving, but love builds us up to invincibility. I believe I would rather spend a moment with love than a lifetime without.