This I Believe

Tasha - Palm Desert, California
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe- Complaints

Do you ever wish you could just get away? Away from all of the problems in the word? Away from the people whose main concerns in life are so petty and superficial, that they don’t even realize what’s paramount anymore? It can get so tiring.

It seems all people do now is complain; complaints are all I hear anymore, on the news, in books, from friends, they’re everywhere. People are never satisfied. They complain about the war, their financial situations, about other people, what they do, what they say. People even complain about themselves; they don’t like the way they look, they’re fat, they’re too short, it could go on forever. The worst part is, most people complain about all of these things and rarely ever take the initiative to do something about it and change what they are unhappy with.

People get so caught up in trends and having the best latest technology, earning lots of money, worrying about what other people think of them; I must admit, I have been guilty of theses things as well. However they fail to realize the beauty of life. Simple things that we often take for granted. -I’ve noticed people tend to recognize the bad before they realize the good- If they could just stop what they’re doing, if even only for a few minutes and take time to realize the beauty they take for granted everyday: Their family, love, nature, the fact that they’re not living in extreme poverty (like many people in third world countries) or that their not paralyzed or bed ridden with some horrible illness, that might make them realize how lucky they actually are and give them hope.

There was a program on TV once about this man who had a disease that made his skin literally fall off, for which there was no cure. He had welts and sores all over his skin. He had to wear bandages under his clothes all of the time and everyday he suffered excruciating pain (even with medication). The simplest move, such as getting into bed became a pain stacking task. Yet, in spite of his pain and suffering he was so joyful and thankful just simply to be alive! He seemed so selfless; he tried to find ways to give back to other people who were even less fortunate than he. Most importantly, he did not wallow in self pity, complain about his situation, nor expect others to take pity on him. He seemed like the nicest person you could ever meet. I believe he was in his 30’s, imagine having to live in such pain for 30 straight years, yet each day he woke up with such conviction. He saw things for their good rather than emphasizing on the bad. It takes amazingly strong character to live in that situation and still stay optimistic while not giving up hope!

If people could just quit complaining all the time, they might realize that their life really isn’t as bad as they think it is, because it could be so much worse. Maybe then they would be a lot happier in the long run too.

Although, at the same time, isn’t that kind of what I’m doing right now, Complaining?

Perhaps complaining is just a part of human nature.