This I Believe

Natalie - Indio, California
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I think it is ridiculous how infatuated people are with other peoples business. Various make a lot of money by taking pictures of celebrities. This obsession with gossip and drama, I believe, is a huge waste of time. What do I gain on wondering what Tom and Kate’s baby looks like? Who cares if so and so cheated on so and so? Its tacky behavior and mainly negative. These magazines make me sick and shouldn’t even be around!

Paparazzi constantly invade privacy. They are known to have a bit of a scummy reputation. The paparazzi will do absolutely anything for one good snapshot of a celebrity. Celebrities want to live normal lives, and not have cameras shoved in their faces. There’s also number you can call to tip off a cameraman where a celebrity is. There are websites that offer money for people with celebrity photographs. There are specific directions that say,” Pictures of celebrities standing with their arm around you may be nice for the album, but they don’t sell too well.“ All they care about is making money.

But why do we follow every move of favorite celebrities? It’s been suggested that teens that obsess over celebrities often have poor relationships with their family and peers. Maybe because an average person’s life can’t satisfy their love for drama, they turn to the country’s icons, whose lives are faster and more interesting. Celebrities are portrayed as beautiful and pander to anything they want. Their faces appear everywhere and we idolize them, and we want to be like them.

Aside from idolizing, watching them screw up is much more entertaining. It distracts us from our own problems. Whether it’s a divorce, a drug bust, or someone gets a D.U.I., is all a distraction. Do we want to get away from our own problems and watch “perfect people” fail? Is it a reminder that successful people can make mistakes like us? Of course they will make mistakes because they are human beings.

For example; President Clinton put himself in a little scandal during his presidency. His affair with Monica Lewinsky, eventually led to his impeachment. But did the affair really affect his job? For a good public image, yes, but that didn’t make him a bad president. Between 1998-2000, the national debt was reduced by $363 billion, and in less than eight years, more than 22 million jobs were created because of President Clinton. I believe that President Clinton’s poor judgment should not have affected his presidency as much as the media made perceived it.

I believe that these tabloids constantly send negative messages. They teach us to praise or insult those who have more than us. If we have more of a peace of mind, or rather a better self awareness, such articles wouldn’t interest us. Most would have the common sense to not even purchase such an item. It’s easier to talk of something that makes you happy, and not negative. Why waste time on words that don’t mean anything to you, when you can hear something that makes you glad? Sounds like common sense doesn’t it?