This I Believe

Katherine - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As cliché as this may sound, I believe in being nice to people, to giving your very lasts to people in hopes that it make some sort of positive impact on their lives. My mom often tells me that I take this principle too far, that often times I give so much of myself that there is barely anything left for me to enjoy. I beg to differ. In my opinion, the world today is overpopulated with people who exist for, well, themselves. Everybody’s out to see what they can do to be bigger, faster, better. It seems we’re all in a rat race to come out on top, to have the big jobs with the big money. We’re desperately running towards some fantasy life while knocking down anyone who dare run beside us. Take everything in sight, everything you need! is how we feel, but what about giving? What about being nice? Ask any of my friends and family and they’ll all tell you the same about me. I’ll give my last dollar, last morsel of food, and last bit of energy to help someone I believe is in need. Call me a pushover, but it’s hard for me to tell people no and it’s hard for me to consciously be mean to someone. Even when arguing with my siblings I always find myself apologizing and coming back to help. I remember as a young girl I’d find my younger siblings and I screaming at each other as they were undoubtedly doing something once again to pester me. The arguing would lead to some wrestling that would leave us at the mercy of our mother who would give us an infamous speech on maturity through her shouting. I also remember finding myself alone shortly after those incidents and feeling bad not only for the way I acted, but how my siblings might have felt about the things I had said. And there I’d be, all of probably nine years old, sitting at a computer writing out an apology letter, maybe doing it by hand if I felt like being more sincere. I’d pour out my heart in these letters, tell them how much I loved them, then slip them underneath their doors in hopes they’d forgive me. I never got any sort of response, not positive nor negative, from my letter-writing. However, I rested assured knowing they had at least received my apology. The way I see it, I’m venturing through this mysterious world by myself and am going to need all the help I can get. Considering the appreciation I feel for people to reach out to me in times of need, who simply extend random acts of kindness, who are merely nice to me, I figure I can do the same for others.