This I Believe

Melissa - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: carpe diem

Opportunities Might Only Knock Once

I am not one for letting opportunities pass me by. When I had the chance to be on the varsity wrestling team in freshman year, I took it. I hadn’t wrestled before, and I am not particularly athletic, but I knew that the chance for a girl to wrestle on a varsity team with no experience would not come often. People often would ask me why I chose wrestling, my response would usually be, why not? I wouldn’t know if I liked it if I never tried it.

That was my only year on the wrestling team. I finished the season, but moved on; it wasn’t for me. I appreciate the time spent on the team, I learned to push my limits, and to stay focused on my goals. I live my life taking advantage of new opportunities, and keep an open mind so I can learn from the experiences. If everyone took advantage of opportunities, I don’t think anyone would have any regrets about their life. I believe people should live life to it’s fullest and be involved in new experiences.