This I Believe

Patrick - 92260, California
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe kids this generation have a serious lack of responsibility with regards to education. Through my four years of high school I have noticed a heavily growing trend of students who just don’t seem to care one way or the other what happens during their school career. Just looking at the number of absences everyday gives you a very clear idea of just how bad the problem really is. Having always looked at education as one of the most important things to have and take advantage of in life, I’m vexed when I hear people, some of who that I am close friends with, say that it really isn’t that big of a deal to not graduate or that college doesn’t matter. It makes me wonder just what kind of motivation these kids have at home to succeed in school or if education is on the bottom of the list with their parents as well.

I just could never imagine myself not graduating from high school because I knew that if I wasn’t even capable enough to graduate high school, what would I be able to do out in the real world? I am so thankful that I never conformed to these trends and always kept my education on top even when some of my friends didn’t. Whenever I hear from these kids who seem to be more interested in who’s having the parties that weekend then making the grade, I just think to myself, “Wow that’s too bad, they’re going to regret it later.”

What upsets me nearly as much as the lack of responsibility this generation shows for education is how much most students rely on instant gratification from instructors to inflate their grades at the end of the semester when they find out that they’re failing. Usually at that point the instructor will tell them they can make up all the work they missed during the semester and turn it in for credit which honestly makes me sometimes wonder why I even bothered to do those same assignments in the first place. Well, at least this is the case in four of the six classes I’m in this year which I consider to be a lot. This is proven just by looking at the grade print-outs during the year and seeing about half the class receiving D’s and F’s, and then when the final grade print-out shows up most of those D’s and F’s seem to have disappeared. This seems like a total lack of responsibility on the instructor’s part because they are basically undermining the students who actually did the work and turned it in on time.

Unfortunately from what from what I’ve seen in most cases is that if a student begins freshman year and doesn’t want to take the responsibility of doing well in school, they’re likely to continue that trend through the rest of high school which is really quite sad. These kids seriously need a reality check because by the time these kids have figured out what they’ve done by throwing away an education that would have given then a brighter future it’s going to be way too late to fix the problem that they created which they will have to regret for the rest of their lives.