This I Believe

Ronnie - Micanopy, Florida
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

In my youth, I have often wondered if a utopian world was within the realm of possibilities. It appears the average world citizens perspective is determined by their culture, religion, and the reality of their environment. All of which are not necessarily dividing factors if personal validation can yield a little to respecting others who are different. Deference for our neighbors can be incorporated in lifestyles just as easily as phobias. Fear, ignorance, and the abuse of power are not innate qualities, or something any of us would like as part of our legacy. Reality tells us that utopia is not ours to reach however, striving for the unreachable can yield many breath taking awakenings that we otherwise would never have discovered.

I made an attempt at describing what a utopian world may look like. I don’t think of it as an exercise in futility, but rather I think of it as mental floss, in search for the potential not yet discovered. Perhaps we all can benefit by exploring the perceived impossibilities.

Pyramids of Life for the Individual

Base: Family, community ties and support; success for one equates to success for all.

Top: Realize goals (dreams) via self actualization with zest and determination.

Center: Community, nation, and world, a concerted effort for all to reach desired goals within the confines of resources and respect for others.

Sides, ladders of achievement: respect for each other, refining the purpose of being, and earn the acceptance of peers while climbing the ladder of choice.

Pyramid of Providence

Base: Motivation of the human spirit with respect to variations in cultural, religion and neighbors; biological existence defines spiritual reality where denying another equates to denying yourself.

Top: Utopian objective, where truth is pursued despite chance of success.

Center: Relate as one or many to your neighbor, and as yourself in an alien world of discovery.

Sides: Faith in each other: regardless of religious affiliation, strength of mutual conviction, common goals, and task management.

Pyramid of Congenial Power

Base: Intellectual pursuit and support for all mankind.

Top: Success relative to effort put forth of all inhabitants.

Center: Facilitators in the pursuit of the common good.

Sides: Knowledge, motivation, acknowledgment, and empowerment.

Pyramid of Ideal Justice

Base: Code of law based on the facts, with extenuating circumstances taken in consideration for both sides, with no emotional pleas.

Top: Civil society, respecting variety.

Center: judicial framework with checks and balances with a speedy and deliberate process.

Sides: mutual respect, standards of conduct, protection of life & liberty first, and commerce afterward.

Pyramid of Man Kind

Base: unity of purpose

Top: peace

Center: dissension moderator

Sides: cultural & border respect, sharing of resources, acceptance and respect of differences, and task management