This I Believe

asia - wilmington, Delaware
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe that friends make everything better. When you’re sad or upset friends will always be there to make you feel better. You need friends for someone to laugh and cry with and to be there to help you have fun and make the right decisions. Everyone needs friends and that’s why I believe they make everything better.

I was at work, doing the same thing I do every week; this time my friend came with me. First, we stamped letters which is what I usually do but this time my friend made me laugh. We laughed so hard for ten minuets our faces were turning red and our stomachs were aching. All of this was because we saw a funny name on one of the labels that we were stamping, .After work my friend and I went to Starbucks, then we saw stuck on her purse a stamp from one of the letters that we were labeling, right then we just started laughing. We couldn’t stop; we just kept laughing and laughing. Someone else there asked us why we were laughing, and we said, “We don’t know”. It was one of the funniest times I’ve ever had and it was for no reason at all but it was all because of my friend.

This kind of thing happens to me everyday, which is why I’m lucky to have such good friends. Friends help you when you’re in need. My friend and I had a fight over the summer and one day at school I realized that it was stupid. I was thinking of all the good times we had together and all the inside jokes we’ve had. We had been friends since kindergarten. When I started thinking of that I started to cry and I wanted for us to just be friends again. Later on that day I found her crying, which made me sad again, and I found out that it was for the same reason that I had cried. Then we just hugged, all the things that happened over the summer didn’t matter and everything was back to normal. Good friends will always forgive you and accept you.

Whenever my friends are around it’s not the same. All you’ll hear us doing is laughing and having fun. It’s good to be around other people family but with friends it’s different. It can be going to a party to doing home work, and friends will make everything better. It is just the way you can act around a friend and talk around a friend that is different, it is more relaxed, more fun, more you. There’s something about being around close friends you can do what ever you want and they don’t care. That’s what makes it fun to be around friends. You can do the weirdest things and friends will just laugh with you. That’s what makes things so much better when friends are around.

I believe that friends make everything better. Friends are people that are there for you no matter what and they’re just fun to party and hang out with. Friends make everything thing better from watching a movie or labeling letters there’s nothing better then having fun with a friend. No matter where you are friends make it fun. I believe that friends make everything better. “A true friend is someone who thinks you’re a good egg even though you’re a little cracked”. ~ Bernard Meltzer.