This I Believe

Tyler - Newark, Delaware
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

Imagine falling off of a 30-story building, the wind whipping over and under you. The only thing you hear is the scream of your own voice. You fall… and fall…and fall; your descent seems to last a century. Adrenaline pulses through your body, sweat trickles down your face. Your heart pounds like a drummer playing a drum roll, your arms and legs spread out like a dead bug. The slowly approaching ground warns you of imminent doom. In your mind, when you hit the ground it will be like running into a wall of solid steel with a tractor trailer. But as you near your impending death, you start to slow down, you stop ten feet from the ground and shoot straight back up into the air, as you start this cycle again until you come to a complete stop 100 feet from the ground. This is bungee jumping; this is fun.

I believe in fun, I believe in enjoyment, I believe in having your fancies tickled. I believe that everybody has fun doing something. Even if it’s reading books or playing paint-ball. What is fun? While, I have the most fun playing baseball, someone else might have the most fun shopping or drawing It’s all a matter of interest and totally up to you. I like the rush of adrenaline, others like playing their Gameboy in their room. Fun can be the feeling of being scared or the freedom of relaxation. I like the happiness of friendship, someone else might like the joys of alone time. I like baseball, skateboarding, playing guitar and drums, using the computer and having fun! I remember when I picked up a baseball for the first time, I could feel the fun flowing through my veins. But that’s just me, what do you think is fun?

Why is fun? What is one of the main reasons I do something I like? Because it’s fun. Fun triggers enjoyment, enjoyment triggers happiness, happiness sends a message to my brain saying, “Gee, I should do this again sometime!” when I have fun, my life has reason. Without fun I’m a sulking slug lost in a sea of sadness and nervousness. Without fun nothing has a point, nothing has any value to me. Without fun the true meaning of life isn’t completely understood. Fun is the emotions of happiness and joy, excitement and—of course— the feeling of fun.

When is fun? Fun occurs when I do something interesting or enjoyable. Fun is experienced when I feel a rush of excitement that makes me happy. Fun has been around since the day of the caveman, possibly hunting for the first time or playing a game of some sort. Fun comes when I’m experiencing a problem, like writing a “This I Believe” essay. To escape the problem for a while, I go outside, get active, do something energizing, something to get my blood flowing. Fun conquers almost any problem, from homework to fixing a car. When I get angry or frustrated I go have some fun; and do something with a friend or, something I like to do. It’s better to smile than be vile.

Where is fun? Fun happens both inside of your brain and outside of your brain. For instance, fun occurs in my brain when I like or become interested in something. Sometimes challenging my brain is fun and it makes me feel better. Fun can also occur outside of me, whether it’s on the baseball field or on the couch playing video games. Fun is in my TV and outside in my soccer ball. Fun is in my car and in my head. Fun is all around me, it’s everywhere, I cannot escape fun. It’s in my computer, it’s in my shoes, it’s in my Gameboy, it’s in my baseball jersey, it’s in my cell phone and it’s in my tennis racket. Everything can be turned into something fun, so be creative in what you do.

How is fun? Fun is what it is, it’s the feeling of enjoyment, the feeling of understanding and the feeling of friendship. Fun happens naturally, it can’t be forced upon me. I must decide for myself what’s fun and what’s not, what’s weird and what’s hot. Fun is happiness, intriguement and many other things. Fun is when I get good at something, fun is when I’m with people I enjoy being around. Fun can be the thrill of playing soccer or football or basketball or hockey or baseball or cheerleading or dancing or horseback riding. If something is fun to me, I don’t care what anybody else thinks, I just keep having fun.

But as you fall off of the 30-story building you know that you’re not going to die, you’re not going to end up flat as a pancake, your insides spilled all around you. You’re going to survive, you’re going to live happily ever after. You’re going to be raised back up to the top of the building and safely transported back down the elevator to the ground floor. Still in one piece, your insides still inside of you, your heart slowly calming down. Your jump might’ve seemed stupid to other people, but you did it for one reason— fun.