This I Believe

Corey - rexburg, Idaho
Entered on June 6, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that our mind is our most powerful asset, and we hold within us the capacity to do any and all things.

My Mother is a delicate and powerful woman. In her childhood she endured abuse on several levels, in her adolescence she was a victim of several accounts of rape. In her thirties she was diagnosed with cancer, and now at the age of 47 beat the medical odds.

The day after Christmas was an exciting and busy one, all of her 6 children and their spouses where in town for the holidays. Mom was feeling ill but was determined to spend the time with her family. Later that evening she was rushed to the hospital. We later learned that my Mothers body was not functioning correctly. Her large intestine had become pinched and an emergency surgery would have to be performed. The surgery went well, or so it seemed. With in days of admittance to the hospital, my mom was crashing, and was crashing fast. Series of tests were run, only to find her case had compounded, there was large amounts of internal bleeding, gangrene growing over the intestines, large amounts of infection, and blood poisoning. Within the ensuing months she under went twelve different surgeries, each leaving her weaker than the last. The doctors realized her condition and her chances of making it through any more surgeries where slim. The family was notified of her conditions and sibling flew in from across the states to say their goodbyes. We were able to hold her hand and hope that she knew we were there. At this point she was in an induced coma to spare her the pain, and to let her body rest. I remember her being able to acknowledge me once. She was laying in her hospital bed, what was once vibrant skin had become paled and yellow, her hair seemed to have turned grey over night. Where once was a smile was now a ventilation tube that was tied to her, and caused cuts in the creases of her mouth. She was in many ways unrecognizable. But on one evening she looked at me and I could tell she could recognize who I was, I grabbed her hand and could see the pain in her eyes. Tears welled and spilled over and she tried desperately to squeeze my hand.

Five months later she was released from ICU. While lying in bed with my mom, I asked her if she recalled her short awakening. She then said, something that would forever have a profound out look on my life. She said “in that moment I knew I wanted to live, and would”. My mother’s determination and mindset altered her life, and in effect preserved it. This I believe that we hold within us the capacity to do and overcome all.