This I Believe

Seeyashree - 06032, Connecticut
Entered on June 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, children

I believe that of kids can change the world. Kids can change the world by playing more sports or by playing running games with a group of their own friends. They can jump rope or even roller skate with their parents. This will change every kid, since today’s kids are usually more involved in ipods, mp3 players, computers, TV shows, and video games than with their families. All these high tech devices can make a lot of people unhealthy and sick. I am one of those kids used to go on the computer, watch TV, and play many video games with my friends after school. I have become sick and I had a lot of earaches because of all the noise from the screen. I had headaches almost every day from time spent staring at all those screens. I began playing outside with a group of my friends and playing games like soccer, basketball, tennis, relay races, jump rope, and roller skating. After playing outside and getting fresh air I became much more active, and I also became a very bright, happy kid. The world is changing because of the war and because of global warming. Kids are missing something that can really change their life style. Soon when kids find out that going on a computer every minute or hour isn’t always good for them for them they will know it’s time to take a break take a break from the TV or computer. Then, they will become brighter, happier, healthier, and much more active then, they will see that they had the power to change their life style. My name is Seeyashree Sodani, and I (a kid) believe that I can change the world.