This I Believe

jeremey - san diego, California
Entered on June 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe, that school is something that in important thing in someone’s life. As I sit in some of my class there are people that just make me made mad. It is like they don’t care if they stay obtuse. Like were are they going to go in life are they just going to not pay attention there whole live and just let it slip away. Are the going to be working at jack in the Box all of there life and starting there family off of that that $8.25 an hour. Ya right. Then there are those people that the world in your generations hands. Will if this is true then the world is practically doomed for failure. If you go and look at the at the grade reports in all of the classes that I’m in then you will see that most of the people are happy with a D but if you have a D how much of the curriculum did you really take in. It is not that much. In the grade book if you look at it and there still is 40% of the curriculum. That is like saying the world is cured of kids dying of starvation. Ya want about the other kids that are out there dying because we only pay attention to 60% of the world. Wait that is still a D and it is passing. So I start to wonder about what is happening to the world and the people that are living in it. When I talk to my parents about the classes that I’m in and all of the bad stuff that is going on and all of the people that are not paying attention they tell my about how the how the teacher would just bed you over and spank you in front of the class. This is what I believe People need to stop goofing off and need to sat pay attention in class, and know that education is important in ones life.