This I Believe

Katherine - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on June 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Pretty in Pink? More like Malicious in Mini-Skirts

“She said what?! Are you serious?!” “Oh my God I know! She’s such a little slut!” “Aren’t you her friend?” “Yeah but still…” That’s just a small taste of the drama, lies, and backstabbing of girl world. This all-too-real myth is filled with shallow brats who talk smack about other girls, even their friends, because they’re bored. Ever since I was little, I felt out of place in this façade. I thought Northside wouldn’t have this plague roaming the halls, but I was wrong.

On a Saturday night in late January/ early February, one of my best friends, Bob*, invited me to go to this other kid, Luke’s*, house. I had nothing to do so I went. Turns out I was the only girl with six guys, but yet I had the most fun that I had had in a while. We played football in the basement, watched movies, and acted like complete idiots. I felt like I belonged while hanging out with them, but at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. Turns out that while I was hanging out with them, this girl, Martha*, was having a sleepover for her birthday party. All the girls that were there know me, and know I’m an extreme prude. The next day Bob told me what they were saying about me because his girlfriend, Tammy*, was at the party and she told him. They were all suspicious of me because I was with the guys and most of them had girlfriends at the party. By them being suspicious of me, I just looked like a total backstabbing slut. The worst part is that Tammy was suspicious of me, even though she and I are best friends. See drama, even between best friends.

This whole drama scene brought me closer to my guy friends. It was then that I realized how guys don’t start drama. If they have any drama at all, they duke it out. They don’t backstab. If they have anything bad to say about another guy, they don’t spread rumors about them behind their back, they just tell them. Guys are easier to get along with because they don’t judge you if you’re not wearing designer clothes; girls do. They are more laid back and chill. They know how to have fun without putting other people down. Guys are cooler and more fun to hang out with because they take everything less serious and don’t start drama just to pass time. Come on, have you honestly ever heard a guy say: “He said what?! Are you serious?!” “Oh my God I know! He’s such a little slut!” “Aren’t you his friend?” “Yeah but still…”? Or how about: “Oh my God. Those jeans are so last year.” Honestly, drama: who needs it? This I truly believe.

*=denotes name change