This I Believe

Michael - palm desert, California
Entered on June 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I firmly believe that my life is worth living. I believe that protecting my life and treating it with respect is something that no person can ever take away from me. God gave me a gift, and that gift was beautiful. I am alive. I believe that every moral I have come to understand has a purpose in society. With my accumulation of morals and character, I will become shaped into a role model that inspires love, religion, responsibility, and happiness. As far back as I remember I have woken up thinking about how to make someone smile. Whether it is by a hug, my silly mannerisms, or even my own smile. The smile of a friend, a stranger, a teacher, or family member makes me feel good, so why should I not reciprocate that feeling. In fact, I enjoy to take it a step further and smile as much as possible so that I can spread as much enjoyment as possible at school. I do not hold back for a smile because I believe that all people deserve a kind gesture. No matter who they are. I believe that a role model should be someone who lives to be a good person, not someone who lives to be like a good person. To truly understand what it is to be a wholly good person, you must be able to feel joy in all acts of kindness you choose to accomplish. I believe it is the duty of a good person to live life to the fullest, without the need for regret.

A good person is naturally responsible and I strive to be that ideal. No person is perfectly good, but all people have the potential to be. Humans are bound to make mistakes, but it does not mean we do not learn from them. Good people live what they learn. They practice what they preach. I try to practice what I preach, so everyday I get closer and closer to my ultimate goal of being a wholly loving, good person. Nothing motivates me more than knowing that being good allows me to respect myself. This respect in turn gives me power to respect others and trust with greater ease. Life is much more loving than we tend to believe, good people can see that and make more educated choices in life.

I believe that I will continue to smile and grow as a good person. I believe that the greater I grow as a person the more responsibility as a role model gives me power to influence more people. The power of my smile, my joy has greater effect on people. I believe that this is a worthy goal to have. I believe that there is nothing that can stop me from attaining it because its power comes from my Lord and my growing relationship with him. The more I love, the more I am loved. My reciprocation of a good deed will result in a fuller life, a fuller personality and a very motivated lifestyle. I believe that I can be good.