This I Believe

Jeffrey - Dresher, Pennsylvania
Entered on June 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever got down on yourself after you made a mistake? Don’t, everyone in the world makes mistakes. Athletes, scholars, politicians, doctors, everyone does it. So why do we act like we are responsible for an apocalypse when really all we did is something like forgetting to do the dishes? My guess is because of our fear of inferiority and everyone wanting to be better than everyone or they seem like a failure or less of a human being. What we really should do is to move on and gain the knowledge so next time we avoid the mistakes we made in the past so that there is a less chance we make them again.

A very wise person once said, “History tends to repeat itself”, so my question is, what is a better trait to have then, then experience? If things do tend to happen again, why not be prepared to face it with experience rather than in the dark? Experience is one of the greatest assets to have in the universe because it can’t be bought nor taught. So the more you have of it the better off you are. One thing that separates us from the beasts of the earth is our ability to grow from our mistakes and know to avoid them next time. So next time you make a mistake, don’t take an easy way out and forget the entire instance, remember it and learn to make yourself better and be able to avoid the same easy mistakes.

Everything worth while in life requires you to have at least some experience. For instance, think about a surgeon making a surgery that he has never done before. The first time he does it, odds are it won’t be a success. But as he continually does it, eventually, he will conquer it due to the experience he gained from the prior operations.

Trial and error is the smartest teacher in the world as it allows you to figure things out by yourself, thus gaining experience. There is only a select few who are able to do anything perfect, on their first attempt, making mistakes natural and extremely acceptable. Praise your lack of excellence as it leads towards your experience.

What I believe is that mistakes can end up being a great thing rather than the normal pessimistic view that normally is shown from them. Don’t let mistakes define you, but let your resilience to bounce back and succeed show who you are. Also, I believe that everyone should, and will, get a second chance in life, and with the experience we gained from the first mistake, people won’t make the same mistake twice causing everyone to be better than they were before and being successful all from that mistake they made one time. This I believe.