This I Believe

Emily - Bloomingon, Illinois
Entered on June 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe”

A statement I believe is one that is written by Li Po. He wrote, “Raising my cup I toast to the bright moon, and facing my shadow makes friends three.” I believe that it talks about when you are alone, depressed, feel alone, or you want quiet. When I am alone outside I don’t normally have a cup to toast with, but I feel like I have the moon and my shadow by me constantly. I stand outside alone at night and I will look up to the moon and look down at my shadow. It’s just an instinct I have, and I don’t think about it until later. In that later moment, I think about how I don’t feel alone when I stand there even when there is no one else around.

Three friends; without one there can’t be the other. Sometimes they have to go away for a while like normal friends, and they can be talked to like normal friends. That doesn’t mean that they can answer back. They are just good listeners and great secret keepers. I can relate to one and the other will listen.

I have no actual story. I have done this on many occasions, and I still have no story to tell about my experiences. All I do is talk. All I do is stay quiet. I will never tell anyone that I don’t have friends even when I’ve lost my school friends because the moon and my shadow will always be there. I don’t care how sappy it sounds. I will always have friends.

Maybe someday I will have a cup to toast with, but I normally don’t toast. I believe in the power of friends; friends that no one will ever think about as friends.