This I Believe

Christopher - Newtown, Connecticut
Entered on June 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: afterlife

This I Believe

I believe that we all live forever. We have our bodies and when they wear out we will live on.

We all think about our loved ones, dead or alive, almost every day. In some cases every waking minute. So, how can these people actually die? They are here for the rest of our lives and for everyone else who think about them.

I have lost someone very close to me recently and he is still a huge part of my everyday life. My brother was in a single car accident in the October of 2006 and he didn’t make it. I consider what he would think or what he would do in my situation throughout my day. He is still here with me, no matter what I do. It hurts like hell to think how I can’t ever see my brother again, but I feel like he’s a new part of my mind. His personality and views and concerns are all mine now, I think of him every waking minute and not once have I let him go unrepresented.

Whenever I see a guy walking in the mall with a goatee wearing some Echo brand clothing, I see him. When I hear one of his rap songs, I hear him. When my family goes to Red Lobster, his favorite restaurant, I feel like he’s sitting right there with us. That empty seat is still for him because he still exists in my everyday life and it’s comforting to know that if he were to return someday that he would still have a place in my world and everyone else’s that he had influenced.

Everyday he is here with me, with everyone he ever knew. As long as I feel him deep in my heart and mind, he can never be gone.