This I Believe

Beau - Palm Desert, California
Entered on June 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that our country is being run like an am/pm gas station. We are spending too much money on National Defense, when we should be putting less into it and putting more money into the field of alternative fuels. Our government is placing a lot of the federal money into Iraq, where they are putting U.S. soldiers in danger, and wasting time and money. If the government put more money into trying to find cheaper and cleaner alternative fuels it would help the environment, the economy, reduce crime rate, reduce unemployment, and reduce foreign threat.

In the fall of 2005, California was shocked that the gas prices had risen to an all time high of $2.46 a gallon. Today it has gone up to $3.50. I believe enough time has passed to recover from the shock to react and plan better for the future. We have had very little positive feedback from what we are doing in Iraq. The government is spending $449 billion on National Defense and $57 billion in general science, space, technology, energy, natural resources and environment. Only one billion goes towards Energy.

ConocoPhillips is the third-largest integrated energy company in the United States; and the second-largest refinery in our nation. In 2003, Conoco, had a profit of $4.7 billion and in 2006, the profit raised to $15.6 billion. The CEO of ConocoPhillips, James Mulva, commented that they invest a portion of their profits back into growing supply, gas production, and refining capacity. He also stated why the gas prices are high, because of the demand for gas keeps rising with low supply. Mulva is also placing $160 million (that’s 1% of ConocoPhillips profits) towards capping the amount of emissions. I believe how our government runs and spends is similar to how ConocoPhillips does business.

Compressed natural gas, solar power, hydrogen, electricity, bio diesel, ethanol, propane, and P-Series fuel, a blend of natural gas liquids (pentanes plus), ethanol, and the biomass-derived co-solvent methyltetrahydrofuran. All of these are cheaper and cleaner fuels that could be used instead of oil and gas, they emit less carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbon. Only some alternative fuels emit nothing harmful at all to the atmosphere. Oil and gas are flammable, when burned the emissions from cars create carbon dioxide; one of the main causes of global warming. I believe if we switch to alternative fuels now it will be much cheaper to make than how much we are throwing away in Iraq. Another thing is that the fuels will be more affordable, safer, and cleaner.

Most of our economy runs on oil, and that is why when gas prices rise so high along with goods, and transportation cost. When it’s hard to pay for everything you can’t ask for more money because then goods would have to rise again which will make the oil companies raise prices again. Later if people can’t pay for gas just to get to work, people will want to quit. I believe unemployment will rise and so will crime rate. Just last week three of my friend’s car got siphoned. If people do not have enough money for gas, some will try to steal it.

I believe that we the people should be more involved into alternative fuels. Is there really more people who think that staying in Iraq is a better choice then fixing our own country first. I believe we can save our economy and environment just by switching to an alternative fuel because it will be cheaper and healthier. I believe that if we switch to new fuels now and reduce the amount of soldiers the government has sent to Iraq, we will have less foreign threat. When there is cheaper fuel unemployment will go down and so will crime rate. Who needs to steal when fuel is just pocket change?