This I Believe

Lucia - Palm Desert, California
Entered on June 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that over stimulation is going to be the downfall of our emerging generation.

When I babysit my nephews I can already see the change between their childhood and the one I experienced. One day when I was babysitting the boys I took them across the street to the park and they seemed to complain the entire time. They complained about walking there, about it being too hot, about being tired, about wanting to go home and yet throughout our visit the only thing I could think about was how nice it felt to be on the swings again and how amazing jungle gyms have become. It was like they weren’t satisfied doing kid stuff because for so long their lives have been entertained and stimulated by technology. I had more fun than the kids that day because all they could think about was the collection of DVD’s waiting for them at home.

Technology has revolutionized the way we live almost every moment of our lives and state of the art gadgets have become a necessity in almost every home but I don’t consider this a good thing because I believe it contributes to the problem of over stimulation. I believe it gives its viewers a false image of real life. I believe the movies and games created today are too real. And I believe that these creations over stimulate the mind of children, leaving them unsatisfied and numb. Playing computer games, video games, and even watching movies creates bliss for the doer because all they must do is sit back and relax and instantly they are delivered some of the most stimulating and exciting images ever created. The real world seems so boring compared to the animated, special effects images that children and adults watch every day and that is why over stimulation has began to affect the real lives of innocent movie watchers.

When I was younger my brother and I would hop the back fence and find ourselves in our own paradise; the empty, desert lot next door. We may have never found anything in that dirt lot but that didn’t stop us from pretending. We spent many hours searching for the remains of Buffy, our lost cat, and we tore that sand apart with our Fischer Price beach shovels. Each day we worked hard under the hot summer sun, sweating and scraping our knees as our imaginations turned simple sticks into the remains of Buffy. I feel that kids today are too stimulated by the animated world to truly enjoy the real world as my brother and I did only a decade ago.

Technology has ushered our society into a world of instant gratification, constant pleasure, and easy access and in doing so has left behind the imagination. As children grow up they will experience life from the back seat, as they watch a DVD played on a plasma screen, instead of life from the driver’s seat full of experience, nature, beauty, and true happiness.