This I Believe

Kaitlyn - Raleigh, North Carolina
Entered on June 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in love – not only love, but having the freedom to love whomever you want. Many people have different beliefs about marriage and relationships whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, or interracial. None of these prejudices apply to me; I respect any type of love.

My parents are less open to these ideas. They are much more conservative than me; I am usually more than happy to consider a new belief or idea. A few days ago, my father and I were deeply engaged in a conversation about gay marriage. Of course, I support the idea, but surprisingly my dad doesn’t. I know that he is conservative in his beliefs, but I didn’t know our beliefs would be that different. As a strong Republican, my dad talked about how wrong the idea was, and that the law against gay marriage should not be changed. I told him to put himself in their position.

“Let’s pretend you wanted to marry someone, but you can’t because it is against the law. Now how would you feel about that? Would you just get over it?”

“That doesn’t even make sense,” He said. “How does that even apply to gay marriage?”

I instantly told him, “Actually it does apply. It applies to anyone who can’t marry someone they love. These people can’t marry the ones they are truly in love with because you think it is weird. Is that even fair?”

It really made me mad to hear him say how strange he thinks gay marriage is. I guess I have to respect his opinion, being my father, but I don’t approve. He seemed to look down on my ideas in disapproval when I had told him how I felt. I know that he respects my ideas, and that is all that matters.

Some of my friends disapprove of gay marriage also.

“Eww. Who does that?” my friends will say. All I can say is,

“People who are in love.”

Hearing people that I care about say these things upsets me. I wish that everyone could just respect how others feel, and how they live their lives with others.

I believe in having the freedom to love whomever you want regardless of race, sex, or even different beliefs. When people are discriminated for loving someone, it breaks my heart. I know I am lucky to not have that problem, but it still affects me like it is my problem. All I know, is that if I weren’t allowed to marry someone, or if I were looked down on because of who I love, I would do whatever I could to stand up to those people. Stand up to prejudice. Be in love, with whoever you want. This I believe.