This I Believe

Soukson - West Monroe, Louisiana
Entered on June 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Spending time with my mother is wonderful and worth it. The memories you hold in your heart will last a lifetime. When I was a child, I loved my mother home cooking. As a child, I never knew the differences between Asian and American food. I believe that my mother cooking is the best for me. As time fast forward, I began to realize that I eat more Laotian style food than American. After school my mom would make a simple meal which includes Laos’s sticky rice. I can recall every time we have parties our parent’s friends would bring a lot of Laos cuisine. Some of my mother’s cooking is simple or hard core Laotian style. One of my favorite meals that she makes is the Lao Green Papaya salad or Tam Som with sticky rice. Another favorite and simple food is Lao beef jerky. Oh how I my miss my Laos sticky rice! During my time as a teenager I never really appreciate my mom cooking till I move out. When I left home to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Aug 18th 2004. I had to cook for myself. What will I cook eh? What will I want to eat eh? Will there be any Laos’s food there eh? In Vancouver, Canada there are a lot of different culture restaurants, but it is not the same as when your mother prepares a meal. I can recall a time when I feeling the blues as a missionary and food is the best medicine for me. I do not have the skills to make the food. I keep thinking back of the food my mom has made in the past to recall the flavor. Now that I am in college 1759.00 miles away from home, it is hard to go visit. I get tired of eating American food because my body does not take it in, and I get seriously ill. My mothers cooking fill me up and make me happy. Whenever I feel sad and need to eat for comfort, I can not get it here in college. The only solution is making the dish myself, but I am no expert at Laos or Thai food.. Yesterday I tried to make Laos Green Papaya salad, it tasted good, but not the best. The taste did not match my mother’s version. I can cook some Chinese food and I am proficient in sushi making and Japanese food. But my culture is in Laos, so I am dying to partake of that food more than any others. The first 3 months from returning home, my mother cooked at least 5 days for me. She knew that I had not had Laos’s food for two years. I am an adult and still I desire mama cooking. Why eh? Because I can never quit eating mothers meals. It is part of who I am and the food that my mom makes will shape who I will become.