This I Believe

Jim - Sacramento, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

Life is valuable and important…well, not that I

am Albert Eisnstein or Sister Theresa, but

this small piece of sand on the beach thinks

that this journey of breathing, feeling, and

interacting with others carries impact. My

story is simple, born in Omaha, Nebraska I

was a Midwest person until I moved here to

CA to help my father after he had a stroke.

My experience with myself and with others

is that for some great reason the survival

instinct wins out. Oh yes, hard times, but

enough mental and emotional energy to keep

going forging out of the crucible of the given

that which makes sense and which relates in

this given way to the moment. What is it, to

say that another person doesn’t count for anything good? What is it to discount the force of nature and soul? What is it to think and believe that darkness holds the upper hand?

I was in Oklahoma City at the time of the bombing. I went to the site, milled around

and talked to the people. One woman, of elderly persuasion bombed out of her apartment near the Murah building said…

I will not let McVey get me. How’s that for

embracing life in the midst of tragedy. How

about that kind of spirit to send any of us

forward keeping our chin up and our heart in

good place for life, and even for death!

I say, let us not be sidetracked by hate,

prejudice, sickness or disease. Let us not be

boxed in by others and their deceits, lies,

or attempts at manipulation. Go with perspective, self understanding, compassion,

energy to have this day be a fine day. Thank You.