This I Believe

Todd - Vista, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe in lucky pennies. However clichéd it may sound, I believe in little round heads up copper pennies lying on the ground. I believe in lucky pennies not just because of the luck they have, but more importantly because of the things they remind me of, most of all the story of my mom’s life. Since my mom was 21 years old she has had rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease which causes her immune system to attack her own body, destroying her health. Ever since I can remember one of the few things that stands out in my mind is my mom’s fight for her health and along with her constantly telling me to always pick up lucky pennies, because we can all use a little bit of luck in our lives. Many days when I was young she was so sick and in so much pain that she could not get out of bed for several days, and because of this she could not take care of either myself, as a young toddler, or my older brother, as he struggled through becoming a teenager. All in all my mom never gave up, and never stopped trying to be the best mom she could, even though everything told her she could not have a normal life. I guess looking back now, I am old enough to see that picking up a small seemingly insignificant token of luck actually means much much more. It symbolizes our faith and belief in things getting better, especially when they are bad. And so this I believe, that lucky pennies bring us more than luck, they remind us to have faith in something more than ourselves so that we can survive through the bad, appreciate and enjoy the good, and ultimately to be grateful for what we have and to do the best we can with the lives we are given.