This I Believe

Anya - Englewood, Colorado
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This Holiday Season…

By: Anya Gersoff

Not too long ago my Mom, sister and I drove past the Denver City and County Building. Tons of different colored lights were spread across the building illuminating its white sides. The words “Merry Christmas” were etched at the top in a vivid red and green. Giant toy soldiers stood next to huge Christmas trees, which were adorned with ornaments and topped with an enormous star. Lines of cars were stopped in the street. People were squishing through the remnants of gray, month old snow. Young children anxiously being led out of their cars, staring straight up in a curious awe at the Santa Claus perched at the very top of the building. Smiles illuminated their faces more so than the vibrant lights. Parents bundled up to their ears hugged children tight, smiling as well. I too, felt a sense of joy a belief in the stout man, the spirit of Christmas and life itself that night.

I took a second look at Santa. I stared at the twinkling eyes and the bushy white eyebrows above them. His cheeks looked like ripe red apples, brimmed with a toothy grin. A marshmallow like beard puffed out over a plump stomach, where all those years of Christmas cookies and glasses of milk had disappeared to. He, in a way, was a picture of imperfections. In the same way, he was a perfect man with a jolly smile, rosy cheeks and a childish spirit who just happened to be slightly overweight.

In the scarlet sack that he squeezes down the chimney, I used to believe there were presents for every boy and girl. Santa, however, brings more than teddy bears and baby dolls. He brings “presents” that can only be wrapped within perfection, within himself; hope, peace, love, joy and equality. Things truly incredible. Feelings the whole world seems to be missing and looking for. A “gift” that lasts forever.

I believe in the spirit of kindness and giving that is Santa Claus. I believe in children’s bright smiles at five in the morning. I believe in Christmas lights and slushy snows. I believe in the month of December throughout the year.