This I Believe

ashley - Bermuda Dunes, California
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that friendship is the most important thing anyone can have in their life.

Friends are there when you need them the most. Through hard times and good times, they help you in almost every decision you have to make. I believe friends are meant to come and go but your true friends will always be there. When I was younger, i thought popularity was key to fitting in. I now know different. Its not about fitting in its about finding a place that is most like home. We often look for friends in many different lights of life. We tend to become friends with people who have similar interests or common goals. Friendship is key. A friend is someone who wont put you in harms way to benefit themselves.

My Parents always told me that friends are not supposed to make you cry, and if they do, they are not your friends. Amanda made me cry. Till this day, I can remember everything that went on that day. I saw the disappointment in my fathers eyes when he thought I had committed the crime and all the people in the mall just staring. I was embarrassed to say she was my friend. I learned from that experience. I learned you can not trust anyone. Even those who you consider close, you can’t.

Friendship is the one thing people all around the world have in common. A good friend will always be there to help you through the toughest problems. The day my grandmother passed away, I thought that no one would care. I was wrong. My friends knew something was wrong with me and asked me what was wrong. I needed to express my feelings and what I was going through and they were there for me. They we’re honest with me and said its gunna be hard but we’re here. I believe true friends can figure out when your down just by looking at you. Friends forgive you, even when you make a wrong decision they are there to give you a second chance.

Friends are the best things you can have. I believe everyone needs at least one friend in every moment of his or her life. During fun times or sad times, to experience new things or just to sit around and reminisce on the good times. I don’t think that you need to have one best friend your whole life. People change and the goals and interests you once had in common are not there anymore.

I believe you need to keep your friends close because they are most likely the greatest things you have. You need friends to party with, to be social with, and to cry with. You need friends to listen to and be listened to, cheer you up, and have fun with. You also need friends to believe in you when you don’t really believe in yourself. Friends need all this and more in return. Everyone needs a friend.