This I Believe

Charles - Pleasantville, New York
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

The cure to all of America’s problems in today’s society doesn’t lie with a political figure, a religion, or a uniting issue, but with a team. A team that has won more championships than any other team in any other sport. The fate of America lies with the New York Yankees, the 26 Time World Champions that dominates baseball, America’s Greatest Past-time. I believe that every single person in America, the young, old, rich, and poor, should be a Yankee fan.

To be a Yankee fan — and trust me, I know what it is to be a Yankee fan — I must idolize, follow, and most importantly embrace the fundamental beliefs of the New York Yankees. Yankee emblems line my wall. I sleep under pinstripe sheets. I have spring and winter Yankee jackets, Yankee hats, tee-shirts, signatures and calendars. Every night, the Yankees are on my television screen; every morning, is on my computer screen; every afternoon, Yankees coverage is on my radio. I watch and worship the Yankees every day.

America will thrive if every person in America is a Yankee fan. If not from idolizing and following the Yankees, then from the most important part of being a Yankee fan and embracing their beliefs. The Yankees don’t just strive to be the best, they expect it. Anything short of a World Series Championship is a disappointment. They don’t work themselves raw in the off-season to prepare themselves to be fit for a season, but for a championship. If the Yankees don’t win it all, I can be sure there will be major changes made in the system. In that light, if I am not the best, I have to change what I am doing, and become the best.

After an unsuccessful season, the team will be severely altered. Great leaders such as Joe Torre, Brian Cashman, and George Steinbrenner know what it takes to win a championship and will make sure the team has what it takes. To be a Yankee fan, I have to surround myself with excellence, I have to motivate myself to keep up with the excellence around me, and I have to be able to pick up the slack when an occasional minor mistake occurs. The Yankees comprise their team of stars in order to win the World Series, and in that spirit, I must surround myself with excellence.

Every person on the Yankees has all the pressure of the world on him. He knows that if he doesn’t produce, he will be replaced. I cannot settle for being mediocre. I must push myself beyond my full potential. The problem in today’s society is that people are safe enough, happy enough, and free enough. People don’t realize that having enough of something means that it can become better and their situation can be improved. If every single person in America were a Yankee fan, that wouldn’t be a problem. Every person wouldn’t just strive to be safer, happier, and freer, they would expect it.