This I Believe

Blake - Briarcliff Manor, New York
Entered on June 1, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
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This I believe


I believe solely in luck. Everything that occurs on this earth is luck and there is no question to it. Some might think that there is such a thing as skill, for example in sports, but they fail to recognize where that skill began and how it came upon that individual. It all happens at birth: family, parent’s dedication to you, parent’s wealth, and environment. It was all a matter of luck where I began and how I was brought up. For example, I am lucky that I was born in the United States rather than a third world country. Whether it is the roll of a dice or a miraculous survival story, it all comes down to luck, and, no matter what, luck will prevail.

I remember watching poker on T.V. and trying to pick up on the best players’ strategies. I’d always try to remember the probability of winning to increase my own success. I even bought a book because I wanted to be the one striking it rich with my friends. Probability doesn’t dictate victory though. I have realized that poker is all Luck and even with my superior knowledge of the deck, I would always end up the loser. I would wonder why sitting there in my seat completely and utterly pissed off at myself. Then it struck me; I was just an unlucky kid and the reason I was unlucky was because I never trusted my gut, and I never believed in luck. As the months went by I gave up on probability and started playing cards carelessly and aggressively. And guess what…I won. It came down to one card in the deck almost every time for me, and yes, I was the lucky one taking in all the chips, and surely, I was proud of it. People complained how stupid it was that I would play those hands, but whatever it was, I made all the right decisions because I won; and the reason that I won, I owe to luck.

Sports players, business men, politicians, and actors are all remembered for their success…and success is a form of luck. Luck is everywhere, and it will never leave nor subside. So everyone who believes in probability over luck, think again, and experience the bliss of luck in your life.